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The Book Cover of The Murder Away From Merangs

First, she lost her lipstick, and now

she's stuck with a killer.

Helen's thrilled when she's invited to a lavish country house party in a magnificent castle. She pictures cliff-top walks, cream teas by the fire, goblets of wine, and sparkling conversation.

Instead, she's required to attend medieval-themed workshops, wear a rustic smock, and contemplate the uses of seaweed and donkey dung.

The prickly guests fall out in lumps when their valuables go missing. And, as if a thief amongst them isn't bad enough, a storm blocks the only road to the castle and cuts off all communications.

When a member of the party disappears, Helen realises she may have witnessed a murder. In blurting out her suspicions, she becomes the next target. With a devious, avenging killer on the loose, will Helen and her rustic smock get out alive?

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