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The Book Cover of Fancy Death At Merangs

A party to die for ...

When Merangs branches out into party planning, Helen's delighted to land her first job. But that's before ...

The biggest diva in town wants the dance floor turned into a beach, the food painted gold, and a world-famous DJ flown in for the night. The guests must dress as movie stars, and, to top it all, she'll knock 'em dead with a showstopping stunt.

Helen's determined to make it a night to remember. Few will forget the geriatric cowboy, a rubber-boned gangster, and the rugby-playing Marilyn Monroes.

But death strikes before midnight. Two of the guests will never go home again. The police arrive to investigate. Will they blame Helen for the tragic events? And what if it wasn't the accident it first seems, but a callous and cold-blooded murder?


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