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Throwing a Cliché at You

Do you judge a book by its cover?

I do. Call me shallow, but I mean it for books. Nothing else.

I spent more time agonising over my book cover than I did writing the thing itself. Being too eager, I bought a cover before writing the story.

That's the first cover below. I liked the clean lines and simplicity of the design. And I loved the contrast of the red icing dripping down like blood. So, to fit the cover, I wrote a tale about doughnuts/donuts and murder.

But my writing didn’t suit the elegance of the design. To be frank, my story’s a bit giddy! And, roller skates - where did they come from? They seemed to play a bigger part than the food.

I had to commission another – the second cover below. This seems to convey the story much better. I hope you think I made the right choice? It’s on with a cover for the next book now, The Murder Above Merangs. Thanks for your time and happy reading xxx

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