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I love writing limericks.  When you are searching for that elusive line or final punch, you can’t be worrying much about anything else.  I don’t know if they are in the correct format and I know nothing about poetry and rhyming feet.  They seem to have rhythm, but could be at the dancing dad end of  the scale for all I know.

The first two are about sheep with a cow one at the end.

Sam The Ram

There was a young ram called Sam

Who liked a nice girl called Pam

Her love ran so deep

But sheep will be sheep

Hey ewe, it’s just a wham bam.

Blackie The Fantasist 

Blackie was such a boastful old sheep

The realms of fantasy he could leap

And it’s not for me to say

But in the cool light of day

Could he really do that with Bo Peep?

Crazy Daisy

There was a young cow called Daisy

Who liked to act a bit crazy

She met a proud bull

And gave a big pull

It went all hazy fan-tay-zee

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